This is the provenance by Zoleta Lee Designs
of the making of The Dolphin 2 Stained glass window.
It is made in the Tiffany style of copper foiling each piece,
and the joining them together with solder.
The we "sandwiched" the stained glass
between clear tempered glass
to protect against the salt air conditions.

This is the Dolphin 2 Stained Glass Window.

The light shinning through this window really sets off the glass colors in this window.

I found this Stained Glass Window to be such a joy to make.




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Here glass is being selected for the Dolphin 2 Window..

In this photo I am cutting the glass for the Window.

Here I am getting ready to cut out the bady of the Dolphin's.




Here I am grinding glass. This task is a very importent step in the process of making the Stained Glass Piece.

As I cut out the pieces of glass for the window I will lay them on the pattern.

Here my daughter makes me laugh as she takes a photo of me getting ready to solder some more on the glass.




In this photo I am applying flux to the window in order to give the solder a black tint.

I am getting ready to fit the window with lead came.

This window is ready to be sent off to be fit into an insulated window unit.




This is the case for the Dophin Window to insure its safty for it's trip to be insulated.

The inside of the case makes for a tight fit for the Dolphin Stained Glass Window.

AHH! The Finished product! This window looks Beautiful!

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